General Info

What is it?

The LARP Forum is an event that brings together people from the LARP community in the greater New England area to hang out, talk about our hobby and get to know each other. Our goal is to create a fun, (bi)annual get-together which will bring people who love this hobby closer together. Hang with your friends from your game, meet new players and staffers from other games, or even if you’ve never been to a LARP and you just want to check it out — come and have a great time!

When is it?

The LARP forum runs twice annually! Once is typically over the winter, as a stand-alone event, and the other is as a part of NELCO, and will run at dinner time on August 27th.

How do I get a table for my LARP?

For the August 27th event, please reach out directly to Cameron Betts: cambetts (at)

Venue & Logistics

TBD, 2017
TBD, 2017